O-27 Woods Run

Woods Run drains 1,331 acres within the City neighborhoods of Brighton Heights, Marshall-Shadeland, Observatory Hill, and Perry Hilltop, plus the adjacent municipality of Ross Township. The former stream is now a combined sewer that discharges to the Ohio River at Outfall O27. The outfall is located at Westhall Street and the current terminus of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, next to the abandoned State Penintentary. Riverview and Brighton Heights PArk encompass a large portion of the upper Woods Run Watershed. Additional opportunities for stormwater stewardship have been identified along McClure Road as its descends down toward Woods Run Valley.

ALCOSAN's typical year analysis reveals 47 overflow activations of the O27 Outfall for a total of 148 hours of overflow discharge accounting for 96.6 million gallons of overflow.

Citizen Participation:

The first meeting of the Woods Run Task Force was Thu. March 12. A Community Leaders Meeting was held on May 11, 2020 and a Watershed Walk was held on October 5, 2020. The spring 2021 meeting was held via zoom on March 24