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Negley Run Watershed Task Force Meeting Materials

DateMeeting Files
2017-08-25 Agenda
2017-12-15 Agenda
2018-01-26 Agenda
2018-02-23 Agenda
2018-03-22 Agenda
2018-04-27 Agenda
Meeting Notes
2018-07-27 Agenda
2018-10-26 Agenda
2019-01-29 Agenda
2019-04-23 Agenda
2019-07-23 Agenda
2019-10-29 Agenda
2020-01-30 Agenda
Meeting Notes
2020-07-30Meeting Notes
2020-10-29Meeting Notes
2021-04-29Meeting Notes
2021-10-28Meeting Notes

Negley Run Presentations

2017-07-26City of Pittsburgh Arts CommissionRiver Roots: Our Shed, Our Story
2018-02-00 Watershed Arts How can we live with what sustains us? environmental defense and Michael Singer Studio
2018-10-203RWW Sewer ConferenceThe Evolution of Little Negley Run
2020-10-29Little Negley Run @ Larimer ParkKick-off Presentation

Negley Run Plans and other Documents

2016-01-00Urban Redevelopment AuthorityLaQuatra Bonci, Landbase Systems, eDesign Dynamics, evolveEA, John StephenLarimer Neighborhood Conceptual Community Stormwater Management Strategy
2016-12-07City of Pittsburgh, 100 Resilient CitiesArcadisWorkshop Debrief: Watershed Resilience Accelerator Pittsburgh
2018-10-08NRWTF, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, PWSALaQuatra Bonci, eDesign DynamicsA Vision Plan for the Negley Run Watershed
2018-12-00Richard King Mellon FoundationGrounded StrategiesGrounded GSI: Engaging Communities with Green Stormwater Infrastructure
2019-01-00PWSAPWSANegley Run Stormwater Management Project: Project Information
2019-04-00Rand CorporationRand CorporationValuing the Resilience Benefits of Green Infrastructure in Pittsburgh
2019-06-30Pittsburgh Parks ConservancyLaQuatra Bonci, eDesign DynamicsA Vision Plan for the Negley Run Watershed: Mouth of Negley Run
2019-06-30Pittsburgh Parks ConservancyPittsburgh Parks Conservancy One Water Trail Concept Plan for Highland Park
2019-06-30 Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Larimer Consensus Group LaQuatra Bonci, eDesign Dynamics, Ethos Collaborative, Ecosophic Strategies, CivicMapper, evolveEA Meadow Street Microshed Concept Plan: Poster
2019-08-07Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Larimer Consensus GroupLaQuatra Bonci, eDesign Dynamics, Ethos Collaborative, Ecosophic Strategies, CivicMapper, evolveEAMeadow Street Microshed Concept Plan: Report
2019-10-00ALCOSANJacobsGIS Concept Plan: UA-03: Chadwick Playground
Green Building AllianceEthos Collaborative;
Community Rainwater Management Plan
Financing TablesEthos CollaborativeInvestment Opportunity -- A42