A-41 Heth's Run

Entirely piped, Heth’s Run drains 618 urban acres, ultimately through the valley between Highland Park and Stanton Heights. The shed includes much of the Morningside and Highland Park neighborhoods, as well as small portions of Garfield and East Liberty. More than a third of the drainage area is impervious surface that does not absorb rainwater, such as roofs and pavement. Park space -- including Highland Park, Heth’s Park, and Natoli Field -- surrounds the valley of the former creek bed that leads toward the Allegheny River through the Pittsburgh Zoo’s parking lot.

ALCOSAN's typical year analysis reveals 62 overflow activations of the A41 Outfall for a total of 1,066 hours of overflow discharge accounting for 256 million gallons of overflow.

Heth's Run Watershed Task Force:

The first meeting of the Heth's Run Task Force was Wed. March 18, 2020. Community Leaders from the neighborhoods of the Heth's Run Watershed met on May 20 and a Watershed Walk was held on October 28. The spring 2021 meeting was on March 10.

Meeting notes, and reports will be shared as they are available.